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Subscription Economy - How we shape the Digital Future
• Data is the strategic asset for digital business models
• Customers struggle to evaluate effect of value offering on profits
• Analog Business is all about producing and selling a better product on marginal cost
• A digital business model requires disruption of the analog model
• Revenue will grow.If we make us depend on Utilization not Units.
• Shifting Sales Approach to manage Customer Journey
• Typical faults and roadblocks and key steps to shape your digital future
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hermann, Chief Digital Officer and Member of the Management Board, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Digital Strategies Today -- How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Service Business
World around us is changing faster than ever. Building the right strategic response to deal with the changes is now an even more paramount than ever. In this presentation we will explore some of the key changes affecting the industries and some of the strategic responses that Wärtsilä has taken to address those with concrete examples. Key focus will be on identifying key digital actions and strategies to implement to make some of the changes possible.
• Key trends and phenomena driving changes in industry
• Organizing for digital – What is best for you
• ‘Getting closer to customer’ – co-creation & digital
• ‘Getting all out the engine’ – driving efficiencies through digital
• ‘It’s all data’ – How data needs to become your new treasure
Mr. Mikko Tepponen, Vice President, Digital Product Development, Wartsila

The Digital Transformation of Service Supply Chains
Service Supply Chains have been digital since years. But new technologies and trends in digitalization are offering new opportunities for new supply chain models and to further shape supply chain processes for responding to growing customer expectations. In this session we will share our view on digital trends and share how Siemens Healthineers is leveraging these opportunities to enhance digitalization in Service Supply Chains
• Key drivers in digitalizing Service Supply Chains
• Why is that an opportunity for Service Supply Chains
• What are the key success factors of digitalization
• How does the digital transformation of Service Supply Chains create customer intimacy
Dr. Frank Debus, Vice Present Customer Services Managed Logistics, Siemens Healthineers

Integrated IoT into the Service Business -- How Digital Transformation will Revolutionize the Future Service Business and Expanding the Customer Relationship to Grow Top-Line Revenue
• Maturity of a service business or “Where are you with your organization and trough which phases do you have to go?”
• Disruption of our service business through IoT: Will the current rules and business models still be the same in 5 years?
• Future success factor “Who owns the data will win the service” – What does that mean for your service
• From Remote to Big Data Services - What are the possibilities the new technologies are giving us for our service offerings?
• Growing the business – New chances trough integration of new technologies into your service offerings and your customer communication
Mr.Andreas Reddemann, VP, Head of Global Service Food Sorting, TOMRA Sorting GmbH

Leveraging IoT, Digital Transformation and Big Data
Mr. Juha Pankakoski, Executive Vice President Technologies, Konecranes Plc

Digital Innovation on Aircraft Manufacturing and After Market Service & Support
Mike Xu, Chief Operating Officer, Embraer China

Using AI to Move From Reactive To Proactive and Predictive Service Models
Mr. Pascal Lancelot, Head Service Management, Schindler AG

Is Industry 4.0 just a Buzz in India
Mr. Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, German Engineering Federation, VDMA India

Digital Transformation in Traditional Manufactory Company
• How digital transfer customer experience of traditional manufactory products
• How digital empower core business unites
• How digital enable new business model for traditional manufactory company, and how to compete with internet company
Mr. Steven Tang, China General Manager, Digital and Telematics, Cummins

The New Era of Field Service - How can you use change management to keep pace with the latest trends in Technology
Mr. Steven Tu, Vice President Service, Asia, FOSS Analytics A/S

The intersection of technology and customer experience in the field – How to change and adapt to growing customer expectation
Mr. Joseph Chua, Strategic Services Director, APAC, Abbott Laboratories

The Business Model Change due to the Digitalization
Mr. Hanson Wang, APAC Chief Digital Officer, Saint-Gobain

The Development of Zero Labor Factory in Japan, China and Europe
Mr. Harry Qi, Senior Manager Digital Technology, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd

Digital Platform & Customer Data Management
Mr. Douglas Lim, Asst VP, Head of Customer Service, TPV Technology

‘我们要做好实体经济,实体经济做大做强了,我们才能够扎扎实实、名副其实攀登世界高峰,实现中华民族伟大复兴。我们都有这样一份责任。’ 正如习总书记考察天津港时所说,实体经济智能制造仍然 是2019年中国经济发展的重中之重。如何进一步支持中国智能制造的发展,我们将分享SAP双模产品体系:智能制造核心与创新。
• 智能制造:在降低成本时实现智能产品大规模定制的自适应生产
• 智能制造- 透明,灵活,个性化和集成是主要原则
• 五种“互联”场景 – 打通纵向与横向集成实现端到端集成
• 智能制造下的双模架构 - 一个数字化核心与一个数字化创新系统
Ms. Helen Xie, Business Development and Operations Director, SAP Labs China Management

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