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Program Overview
Now in its 3rd edition, the manufacturing industry summit has grown over the years to become world’s leading event for Directors of Digital & Innovation, Customer Service Leaders and IT Directors. The industrial sector is undergoing a major transformation due to constraints from globalization, digitalization and changing customer behaviors.

‘ The 3rd World Digital Innovation & Chief Services Officer Summit 2019 -- Manufacturing Summit on Digitalization, Big Data, AI and Aftermarket ‘ will be good gathering 150+ car and equipment manufacturers, parts manufacturers, medical/electronic devices, executive jets, super yachts, robotics, academia, solution providers... across from Asia, Europe and U.S. The KOLs will offer you different views on how to unleash intelligent machines on Mar 11-12, 2019. With this in mind, “ The World Digital Innovation & Chief Services Officer Summit 2019 “ themes will cover:
-- Landscape of Digital Manufacturing in China
-- Building Data Driven Machines
-- Using Big Data & ” Internet of Things ” to Remote Monitor Driverless Trucks
-- Digitalization: Building a Digital Customer Ecosystem for Car Manufacturer
-- How data & cloud engines intelligent machine industry
-- Fast-Tracking Data Driven Innovation
-- Leveraging IoT, Service and Data
-- Increasing the Efficiency, Safety, and Quality of Machines by Artificial Intelligence
-- New Data Driven Precise Farming of John Deere
-- How could AI/chat robotics change customers’ interaction with service businesses
-- Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Management
-- Employ Real-Time Information from Your Equipment through IoT
-- Robotics in Construction Equipment Industry
-- How popular is zero-labor factory in China, Japan, Europe and U.S
-- Innovation in Parts Logistics: Predicting Tomorrow
-- AI Based Safe Repair and Parts Delivery
-- Keeping Up with Ever Changing Customer Demands in the Healthcare Sector
-- Building Cloud Platform for Asset Lifecycle Management
-- Field Service Digitalization-Rather a Change Management than a Technical Challenge
-- Right Parts At the Right Time and at the Right Price
-- How feasible is Augmented Reality (AR) able to change the way your technicians repair equipment and maintain assets
-- Digital Strategies Today -- How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Service Business
-- The Digital Transformation of Service Supply Chains
-- Digital Subscription Business Model
-- Using AI to Move From Reactive To Proactive and Predictive Service Models
-- Is Industry 4.0 just a Buzz in India
-- The New Era of Field Service - How can you use change management to keep pace with the latest trends in Technology
-- The intersection of technology and customer experience in the field – How to change and adapt to growing customer expectation
-- The Business Model Change due to the Digitalization
-- Digital Platform & Customer Data Management

On behalf of the committee, we sincerely hope primary discussions, topics and invitees would come across your strategic interests and the whole summit will be consisted of keynote speeches, panel/roundtable discussions, open Q&A sessions, booth and poster exhibition and cozy, speed networking and self-introduction, guided 1-on-1 networking sessions for all professionals and management who are working for the manufacturing Industry.

The event also perfectly balances educational and interactive sessions, intertwined with structured networking and relaxing activities, in the unique & beautiful city of Chengdu.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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